morning with the dew drops

dew drops on seedlingsI love being out with the camera in early morning.  Like frost on a sunny winter day, it’s the best time to catch the dew.  The real challenge is me, getting out there.

bud begins

bud tree bokehThis is a Japanese bonzai of some kind, with unusual pale blue stripes in its bark, and tiny pink buds bearing spring green leaves.

fiona & co. ~ my new sister site


A dear friend and I recently started a small business here on WordPress called Fiona & Co.

The online shop, hosted by Big Cartel, will include reproductions of our drawings, watercolors and photographs, all of which are inspired by the British Isles and the fair folk who are such an important part of the culture there.

We hope it will be a place where people can find reminders of the fairies’ presence in the world and our lives.