giving in to cupcake mania


I’m just getting back into baking after a bit of a hiatus and have begun rounding up recipes.  The idea of eating cupcakes has to be one of the happiest notions on earth, and I don’t partake often enough, so it’s on my to-do list… to-eat and to-bake.

But I feel compelled to say something about the cupcake mania, that perhaps credit is due somewhere, which might have fallen by the wayside.  Back in the late 90’s I was living in New York part-time ~ summers were spent at my then-boyfriend’s mother’s place in the village, and each year when we returned there would be new restaurants to check out.

One summer I was walking along Bleecker Street and stopped dead in my tracks to gawk at a corner store window display.  That window belonged to Magnolia Bakery.

magnolia bakery

Now I can’t say for sure when the cupcake revival formally began, but I’d like to offer Magnolia as one of the trailblazers.  Taking a seat amidst their retro decor and everythings-from-scratch granny vibe was one of those ah-ha moments that has stayed with me in my eclectic aesthetic journey.

All that said, I’m going to start slow, trying my hand at the classic ~ and my personal fave ~ white on white cupcake.  How hard can it be?  No idea.  I’m just really looking forward to biting into one very soon ~ not to mention licking the batter bowl clean!

Last but not least, the top photo is from an adorably straight-up site called Ming Makes Cupcakes.  Her enticing recipes will be next on my list.

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