living the country kitchen life


Remember that movie Baby Boom?  I’ve got it on my dvr right now and have been waiting for the perfect night to revisit the neurotic-city-woman-turned-Country-Baby-babyfood-creator.  Fun!

In the spirit of preserving yummy goodness, I’ve been perusing various canning/preserving blogs and so far my favorite is laundry etc out of Britain.  The above photo is from her entry on pickling onions; I love the old style weck jar.  That said I’ll probably stick with the more economical Ball 12-pack for $12 from for my winter kitchen projects.

Although it’s best to keep your canned creations in a cool dark place, I can’t help but marvel at how homey and rustic they make the kitchen look and feel.


The above photo is from another good blog, farmersdaughterct.  Lots of good recipes and ideas.  For me a great part of the country kitchen is surrounding myself with cute equipment.

canning funnel

This adorable vintage looking canning funnel is available at and to me should hang out on a hook next to the stove.


Another great vintage-y item needed for canning — one I’d be happy to look at each day — is this 5 quart colander in lemon from  Great for straining those tomatoes or beets prepped for the jars.  Comes in lots of fun colors and is made of enamel coated stainless steel {hand wash and dry immediately to prevent rusting}.

canning pots

Last but not least, canning ware from the quintessential canning website, Lehman’s.  This company began in order to provide the Amish community with quality canning equipment so that’s a good enough endorsement for me.  For a more economical route, they sell the pot I use:  the classic Granite water bath canner.  Speckled enamel, just like those vintage camping mugs.  Eclectic heaven!

granite canner

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