emile henry kitchenware

emile henry flame topMost of us know about Le Creuset cookware, and many of us have at least one French Oven, or their kitchen accessories — or we know of someone who does.  But I recently discovered a line of cookware by Emile Henry that is by far my favorite.

Meet the Flame Top Round Dutch Oven, above, in “rouge”.  Ooh la la!  Yes, what a cliche but I have no other words.  This beauty is functional:  it goes from freezer to oven and is lighter than Le Creuset while achieving all their French Ovens do and more.  I received an Emile 4.2 quart round in “figue” as a gift and I’m in love.

emile henry figue

Emile used to have an Artisan series with a color called “caramel” that is only available now at Williams-Sonoma.  This color is appropriately named:  it makes me melt like caramel!

emile henry artisan
Their classic colors include “olive” which I love as a base tone on the kitchen counter
emile henry olive
…and “apricot” which is great for a fun splash of color
emile henry apricot
Most items can be found on Emile Henry’s website or Zappo’s or Amazon.

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