homemade perfume

homemade perfume

Several years ago I bought a book about fragrances and the art and science of  perfumemaking.  I tried my hand at a few blends and not only was it a lot of fun, I found them to be much more interesting and feminine than anything on the market.  Even a simple blend of three or four oils produced lovely results.


Two of my favorite oils for perfume are neroli and petitgrain.  They are from the same plant, the bitter orange tree.  Neroli is distilled from the blossom and costs quite a bit; petitgrain is from the leaves and twigs and is much easier on the wallet.  They can be blended together and/or with other oils for a fabulous perfume.  The sky’s the limit!


2 comments on “homemade perfume

  1. How interesting and informative. I’ve never tried to make anything like this but my Daughter has. Thank you for the information.

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