pantry perfection, part one

pantry itemsWe’ve all been in that unfortunate position:  in the middle of making a meal, you discover you’re short on an ingredient.  You could have sworn you had an extra bag of sugar in the cupboard, or jar of mustard, or can of tomatoes.  Suddenly everything’s gotta stop as you race to the market ~ which might not be around the corner if you’re in the country.

A friend of mine introduced me to smart pantry stocking, and my culinary life has never been the same.  It takes planning and a certain degree of regular maintenance, and a bit of extra cash, but if the items are truly practical ones I see it as a great investment.

rustichella pasta

My basic rule of thumb is to focus on the practical.  Otherwise, if I have a hankering one day for something and end up buying a dozen cans… they end up collecting dust.  In my experience those types of purchases eventually go in the trash.  I’ll keep them around thinking I’m about to use them; when the expiration date passes they can’t go to charity and must be thrown out.

So with all that said, in part two of this entry I’d like to propose my idea of Pantry Perfection.  I’m by no means there yet.  Little by little, I’m slowly picking up quality items on sale ~ and on Amazon ~ that I know I’ll reach for time and time again.

Part two coming soon!

2 comments on “pantry perfection, part one

  1. Mr. Fed Up says:

    All those cans of QUALITY tomatoes make me jealous. I am cheap and often resort to Wal-Mart’s canned junk.

    • I know what you mean, I don’t indulge like that on everything, that’s for sure.

      Be careful, once you start buying San Marzano’s it’s hard to go back!

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