the working glass ~ old school & flawless

working glassesI consider myself to be “eclectic” because I love to mix contrasting styles and designs together.  Along with cooking, it’s the best {and fun-est!} way I know to express my personal aesthetic and individuality.

When it comes to decor and kitchen items, I really love the farmhouse style.  It’s homey and cozy and lends itself to lots of eclectic variations.

Behold the working glass.  Possibly originated in France for storing preserves, it is farmhouse style at its finest.  I discovered this retro classic at a place called Cost Plus many years ago and, as a girl on a serious budget but unwilling to drink out of a boring glass, they’d fit the bill.  I should say it had fit the bill, as I literally purchased 1 glass and washed&dried it after each use {and by use I mean beer}.

Unfortunately, after moving a few times my once-fave glass was lost in the shuffle.  Then recently, I walked into a local kitchen shop and saw some working glasses on display.  I scooped up nearly every one they had and am now reunited with my old friend.  Next, I’ll be needing some lids.  Here’s why:

working glasses and lids

Never has food storage looked so cute.  We’re trying to get away from plastic storage containers in this house, which is no easy feat.  Pyrex makes some great glass bowls with lids for the bigger stuff.  But these babies are just right for a few bites of leftovers or extra sauce, tucking away nicely in a corner of the fridge.  And at a generous 21 ounces, the large working glass holds more than a few bites.

Now that I’ve found them online at Crate&Barrel, I’m happy to report that lids are just a few clicks away.  Check them out ~ and when you do, notice the customer reviews.  Five stars as far as the eye can see.

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