pantry perfection, part three

pantry stocking

The perfect pantry wouldn’t be complete without herbs, spices and other flavorings.  When it comes to sweetener types I don’t discriminate, I love them all and make sure I never run out.

In particular, raw honey is something that keeps well and is not only versatile but medicinal; and dark brown sugar is a must-have for me.  I often cook savory meals with it, just a small amount does wonders for a deep caramelized flavor in anything from tomato sauce to pea soup.

Since I will continue to mention “Italian seasoning” and “Mediterranean seasoning” a lot on this blog, I’d like to say from where I buy these wonderful blends and most other dried herbs and spices.   Mountain Rose Herbs is a company that to me surpasses anything else online or even from a local gourmet shop.  Their quality is just incredible and not only for culinary herbs; many of their other products line the shelves of my pantry.

pantry items

I suppose the last main area of the pantry to cover is grains.  Of course flour, rice and oats are basic staples that I try to have around in decent quantities.  Noodles ~ both Italian and Asian varieties ~ are also invaluable basics that I don’t want to run out of.  Rustichella pasta, which was pictured in an earlier entry, has the best flavor and texture I’ve ever tasted so I keep as much on reserve as possible.  It’s one of those items I treat myself to and for me is worth every penny.

Well, I’d thought of writing about pantry perfection simply to make a list of what my dream pantry would contain.  I guess my enthusiasm for photos and words have made me a bit long-winded, and delayed compiling an actual list.  Hopefully with a bit of focus and pen-to-paper, that list will be my next and final ‘pantry perfection’ entry.


2 comments on “pantry perfection, part three

  1. I love all your organic ingredients. I am trying to increase my organic pantry as it really is a healthier way to eat! Thanks for sharing…

    • thanks for stopping by ~ i’m doing my best to stay as organic as possible, as well as non-gmo.

      i’m more inclined to spend money on food than a new outfit at this point in my life, so that helps balance the budget.

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