bluecorn beeswax candles light up a meal

bluecorn beeswax candles

There’s something about candlelight.  I cannot say enough about how the flicker of a candle flame warms my heart, comforts me and can make an ordinary moment feel extraordinary.  When watching a movie, reading, taking a long bath or ~ especially ~ having a meal with loved ones, candles add that element which only they can.

I buy bulk tea lights; you know, the ones in the little metal holders.  They’re great for ambiance on a regular basis, and I appreciate them for the role they play in my life.  But when it comes to above-and-beyond candlelight and ambiance, to me nothing comes close to a solid beeswax candle.

bluecorn beeswax pillars

Bluecorn Naturals produces poured and dipped beeswax candles in raw as well as ivory and colored varieties.  They offer tapers, pillars, votives and tea lights, along with some incredible skincare products.

The quality of their beeswax is exceptional; they use cotton wicks and guarantee better, longer burn times.  They also make scented candles using essential oils, for those non-food-related events.

bluecorn beeswax candlesThe natural honey scent and beneficial properties of these candles make Bluecorn a must have for me.  They bring any table setting and low-key entertaining to another level.  I keep some on reserve for special occasions, or when I’d like a regular occasion to feel special.

2 comments on “bluecorn beeswax candles light up a meal

  1. I love the warm tones. I will look for these!

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