easter eggs

eggs sunny side up

Remember that advertisement a while back with the jingle “the incredible edible egg”?  As a rule I’m no fan of the ad industry but this one was an exception.  Eggs received a bad reputation at one point and were blamed for many ailments.  But recently, maybe somewhat due to low-carb diets, it seems eggs have experienced a resurgence in popularity and returned to their place in the nutrition world.

I’ve always loved eggs, particularly the gooey yolks.  Those ad jingle folks still have a website and it lists the amazing health benefits of eggs.  I know I can feel the benefits, literally, when I eat sunny-side up eggs.  Much like eating sushi, it feels like brain food.  And, according to the nutritional value of eggs, they are just that.


With all the references to eggs around this holiday I thought I’d give a thankful nod to these little oval wonders.  So simple, such a miraculous little package, so much nutrition packed into such an economical food.  I try to fry up or poach a few as often as possible, with a nice big slice of buttery toast on the side to sop up every bit of gooey goodness.  Thank you chickens!


4 comments on “easter eggs

  1. Amy says:

    These look so yummy! I’m frying bacon right now for another recipe and I feel our lives melding together. :-)

  2. Great egg photos. And thanks for visiting my blog.

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