williams-sonoma agrarian

photo:  williams-sonoma.com

It’s been been a few days since I visited Williams-Sonoma’s website ~ I’d invested in the $30 per year free shipping promotion a while back, so I like to check in regularly and see what’s new and/or on sale.  Much to my surprise, they have launched a new section called agrarian.

Had I been overlooking this for months?  I wasn’t sure.  After a quick search I realized they did indeed just add this rather extensive branch of their company a few days ago.

Would I buy a $1300 chicken coop?  I don’t know, but I love their aesthetic and trust the quality of many of their products.

photo:  williams-sonoma.com

I’m new to gardening and love the idea of using a Joseph Bentley hand trowel.  This might be my first W-S agrarian purchase.

photo:  williams-sonoma.com

This heirloom-quality copper hand fork is also on my wish list.  Made by Austrian coppersmiths, it would be a wise purchase.  A bit more expensive but apparently copper is a superior metal for gardening tools, according to the description:  “as they contact soil, the tines deposit minute amounts of copper that promote water absorption and help to repel slugs and snails”.  Beauty and function!

photo:  williams-sonoma.com

I’ve been meaning to look into growing mushrooms at home and, rather than in a box, this kit where they grow in a semi-natural habitat appeals to me.

photo:  williams-sonoma.com

And I am the eclectic faerie after all, so I like a bit of eclectic vintage decor.  This 1940’s watering can is just the sort of thing I’d splurge on.  I don’t know if I will ever run into something this cute at an estate sale… Love it!


6 comments on “williams-sonoma agrarian

  1. Amy says:

    These garden tools are gorgeous. I must check them out. Mother’s Day is coming! :-)

  2. PJ Girl says:

    Lovely watering can! And copper always looks so classic!

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