zingerman’s mail order {kiss your postman}

photo:  zingermans.comOnce again I’m a late bloomer to something so amazing and wonderful, so fun-filled and exciting, I don’t know how I made do without it.  Zingerman’s mail order!

I found out about this unique catalog last year and think I could spend every last cent within its pages.  Celebrity chefs including Michael Symon have mentioned the famous deli in Michigan as well as their monthly clubs and gift boxes.  Michael is a self-professed  bacon fiend and belongs to the bacon club; but there are many other fun and delicious options including brownies {which I sent to a relative and they loooved} and rare olive oils.

image:  zingermans.comOne item I have tried is the La Salamandra Dulce de Leche from Argentina ~ wow!  I do plan on making it from scratch one of these days ~ soon ~ but in the meantime this stuff is the real deal.  And they use it in their dulce de leche brownies.  Yikes!

But there’s more:  they have a flat rate category, where anything you buy ~ as much as you buy ~ ships for $9.99 per address!  We’re talking anything from $7.00 for olive-oil-packed anchovies…

image:  zingermans.com…to a $200 ultimate gift basket

image:  zingermans.com…and so much more!

Such gourmet greatness at such a great shipping price, you’ll want to kiss your postman when he hands it to you.  Or maybe just share a goodie from the box with him.  I’m in love with this catalog, not only because of the fine quality of their products but because they seem to be having a ton of fun and provide amazing customer service.  I like to continually support companies like theirs, and plan on doing just that.

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