pillows for the seasons

pottery barn throw pillows

Throw pillows are so much fun ~ like fashion accessories for the sofa, they can change with the seasons or with the months or even depending upon one’s mood.  Pillow inserts and covers make the changes so easy; storage is also a snap, it’s more economical and they can be easily washed.

I love velvet and Pottery Barn has no shortage of it during certain months.  They usually offer all cotton; although the above pillow covers are a cotton/poly blend I’m sure they’re very soft.  I would like these for after summer is over; the trouble is I love all four colors and will have a tough time deciding!

pottery barn throw pillows

For the upcoming season, the above linen pillow covers seem perfect.  Again loving the color selection, particularly the barn red and mocha brown although I do like the pale blue and I’m not usually a ‘blue person’.

They offer nice feather inserts in all the shapes and sizes needed.  It’s possible some could be found for a better price; I’ll be doing a bit of research.

pottery barn pillow inserts

Williams-Sonoma has a small selection of throw pillows and one of them caught my eye.  I have a strange desire for a pillow made from a vintage flour sack.  I even went on ebay, found stores where they specialize in rare and well-preserved flour sacks, and subscribed to their newsletter.

I’m not sure what it is about them, but I am the eclectic faerie after all and there’s no accounting for an eclectic taste.  I really wanted to make a bench pillow out of one, but never got around to buying a bench, so started thinking about making a few throw pillows instead.  Super easy, it wouldn’t even require a sewing machine!

williams-sonoma grain sack pillow

Vintage flour sacks ~ the ones in really good condition ~ are a bit expensive, and so is this pillow.  I just might end up buying one on ebay and making a pillow on my own.  If and when I do it will surely be posted here!

3 comments on “pillows for the seasons

  1. Adore the vintage flour sack pillow! I’ve seen that style fabric in the home dec designer fabric store — expensive!

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