hot toddy’s & other spiked warm bevvies

hot toddySpiked warm drinks are a part of most cultures.  As a child I’d see the adults add Anisette to the after-dinner espresso, along with a bit of sugar and a lemon rind twist.  From a kid’s perspective that looked ~ and tasted ~ very unappealing.

Then as I got older and frequented Irish pubs, I was introduced to the Irish Coffee.  Many a young man was seen tossing one back ~ after tossing back many a Guinness.  But being neither a coffee nor whiskey drinker in my 20’s, I wasn’t a fan of the drink.

These days I’d enjoy either of those apertifs, but my preference will always be some form of the Hot Toddy.  A steamy combination of brandy {or bourbon} and spices with a hint of sweetness, this is a beverage I’ll never get sick of.  Speaking of sick, traditionally the hot toddy was used for medicinal purposes.  Apparently the ginger, honey and lemon trio helps to heal the common cold, and they just so happen to be three main ingredients of my favorite toddy recipe.

photo:  seriouseats.comAlthough the recipe calls for bourbon or rum {and let’s not forget about hot buttered rum ~ yum!} I use brandy.  But the proportions here are perfect; on a rainy night curled up with a book or dvd, to me there’s nothing better.  Well, maybe if it was creamy.

Which brings me to the final warm bevvie ~ my Hot Brandy Alexander.

  • Heat about a mugful of milk or half&half on the stove; add a few grates of nutmeg
  • Add about an ounce of either Kalua or Bailey’s
  • Stir in your favorite spices ~ a pinch of cinnamon, allspice, how about pumpkin pie spice mix?
  • When the milk is steaming, take off heat and add a teaspoon or two of dark brown sugar; stir until dissolved
  • Pour a jigger of brandy into a large mug, then add milk mixture

If it isn’t being served at bedtime, a bit of coffee is a nice addition.  Another great variation is, rather than the spices add a teaspoon of loose leaf chai tea into the milk as it’s heating, then strain it into the mug.  Delicious!


5 comments on “hot toddy’s & other spiked warm bevvies

  1. Alicia says:

    I love to use brandy in hot toddies too. My favorites are apple, cranberry, or cran-apple (my Thanksgiving special blend). I will have to try ginger… Yum

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