emeril 1-quart saucier with spouts

emeril one quart saucier

I’m one of those people who likes to warm up their milk in the morning.  The two things that will spoil a nice hot cup of coffee or tea is pouring it into a cold mug and pouring in cold cream or milk.

The cold mug problem is solved easily enough with some hot water before assembling my morning bevvie.  But warming milk can be an issue when all you’ve got is a regular small saucepan to do it in.

Every time I’d make my cafe ole or chai tea, when it came time to pour the hot milk some of it would end up on the counter.  Not a big deal to wipe up, but after a while it just seemed silly not to rectify the problem.

Enter my morning glory pan ~ a 1-quart saucier with spouts from Emeril by All-Clad.  Made of 18/10 stainless with a copper bottom and substantial handle, this lidless little pot does exactly what I need it to do.  No spills, not a single drip to be found when I’m done making  a hot creamy beverage.

emeril 1 quart saucier with lip

On the down side, the steel is a bit thin and the handle actually weighs the same if not more than the pan itself.  So a few reviewers on Amazon said the pan tips over if there’s nothing in it.  I haven’t found that to be so, and don’t have a problem with it anyway because when it’s not full of milk, it’s busy looking cute hanging over the sink.

emeril 1 quart saucier

So if you’re like me and want effortless pouring ~ not just of milk but maybe a single or duo serving of soup, hot cocoa, or just about any small amount of liquid ~ then Emeril’s saucier is just the ticket.


6 comments on “emeril 1-quart saucier with spouts

  1. Good pans are essentials and you found a good one :)

  2. isn’t it nice to have a problem solved by a gadget, or in this case Emeril?

  3. jgsgal says:

    I love beautiful cookware…I am a huge fan of copper bottom pots … I can’t wait to have a pot rack someday to hang them on…love your site!

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