essential oils: lavender

photo: lavenderconnection.comIn one of my earlier posts I mentioned that, other than cooking and baking, a keen interest of mine is making essential oil blends for perfume.

When I first began to learn about essential oils, certain ones stood out ~ lavender being an important oil because not only does it smell amazing it bridges other scents together very well.


As a “bridge” note, it helps lighter and heavier-scented oils to blend well together.  Although having a very distinct aroma, I find that it isn’t overpowering and its addition makes for a more well-rounded fragrance.

homemade perfume

So as the warm weather hits and I’m doing a bit less cooking, I turn my focus to blending these lovely oils together and create little bottles of happy scent-sations.


6 comments on “essential oils: lavender

  1. I’m a huge lavender fan as well. I made some foot scrub with sea salt, olive oil and lavender oil. It smelled so luscious and felt good too!

  2. soffiagudrun says:

    mmmm, smells good. There is something about lavender…

  3. Lavender is my favorite too, Iiked hearing about the background of it.

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