guinness cans ~ bringing the pub home

guinness draught can

Stout beer is one of those things that people either love or strongly dislike.  I am a stout lover and of all the stouts I’ve tried nothing comes close to Guinness.

Apparently as you get farther away from their brewery in Dublin, the quality and taste of the beer diminishes.  I visited Ireland for a few months and I must say this is true.  The difference between a Guinness in the states versus one in a Dublin pub is shocking.  Dublin Guinness is creamier and sweeter.  It might be because, rumor has it, in some countries it’s made out of an extract that’s sent from Dublin.

With a lot of history since 1759 and a 9000-year lease, Guinness isn’t going anywhere.  But what if you don’t want to sit on a bar stool to get your stout on?  The version in a bottle just doesn’t cut it, but thankfully they came up with a fantastic invention called a widget ~ and now the pub draught can come home with you from your local beer store.

The magic happens because the widget mimics what occurs when the beer is poured from a tap:  both carbon dioxide and nitrogen are injected into the beer when the can is opened.  Nitrogen produces smaller bubbles and a creamier head, giving Guinness its signature smooth mouth feel.

If all that wasn’t enough good news, this beer has always been considered to be nutritious.


So if you like stout and haven’t tried Guinness in cans yet, run don’t walk to your nearest bottle shop and get yourself a 4-pack.  Delicious!


9 comments on “guinness cans ~ bringing the pub home

  1. Woo-hoo! I knew there was something else I loved about you. I’m a Guinness girl too! Cheers!

  2. vyh says:

    I can’t even drink Guinness at bars in the States anymore – tastes almost like it’s watered down. I first had it in New Zealand and *swear* it was better there. Haven’t tried the cans, though, so maybe I will! I’m a stout lover as well – two to definitely try, if you haven’t and come across them, are Deschutes Obsidian Stout (absolutely the best non-imperial stout IMO) and Great Divide Oak-Aged Yeti (a *phenomenal* imperial stout). I also really like Sierra Nevada’s porter – smooth & hearty – and Belhaven’s Wee Heavy Scotch ale…even though they’re not stouts. ;)

    • wow thanks for all the tips ~ the sierra nevada porter was one of my first dark beers other than guinness, that was a long time ago. i have had the deschutes which is yummy, but never heard of great divide. must keep my eyes peeled for that and the belhaven’s ~ loooove scotch ale in the winter!

      • vyh says:

        The Great Divide might be a little harder to find – I think you can only get it in bombers, and it’s a Colorado craft brewery, not sure where all they distribute. Soo good, though!

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