herb-crust pizza with charred tomatoes

herb crust pizza

Although I am yet to make my own pizza dough from scratch, I’ve been playing around with a local pizzeria’s dough and this experiment turned out quite tasty.

As mentioned in this post, I place the dough balls in a coating of olive oil and let them sit in the fridge for several days, up to a week.  This time I sprinkled a generous pinch of Mediterranean seasoning into the oil before adding the dough.  After a flip in the oil bath and a cover for each bowl, into the refrigerator they went.

herb-infused pizza dough

As also mentioned in the earlier pizza entry, one of the main issues with oiling up the dough as I do is stickiness.  Flouring the pizza peel very generously helps, and as the dough sits for those days the top of the ball is less oily so that goes face-down onto the peel.

Hands floured, peel floured and once the dough is on the peel, work quickly with the toppings.  A great trick I was taught is to lift an edge of the pie and blow under it to loosen it from the peel ~ it really works!

herb-crust pizza with charred tomatoes

Most of this recipe is the same as my previous pizza post linked above.  But this time I charred some grape tomatoes, a technique I picked up from an episode of Alex’s Day Off.

Just heat a bit of oil in a cast iron skillet, add your grape tomatoes in a single layer ~ my large skillet could hold 2 pints ~ then sprinkle them with a tablespoon of dark brown sugar and a pinch or so of salt.  Allow the skins to blister, stirring frequently to keep them moving.

After the skins start to blister and break open, pour in 1/2-cup of dry sherry {or wine of your choice} and turn heat down to low.  Cook for about 10 minutes and you’re done!

10 comments on “herb-crust pizza with charred tomatoes

  1. ksmith35801 says:

    That looks delicious. I will be glad when we are harvesting cherry tomatoes and can try your charred tomato technique!

  2. dressesandme says:

    looks delish!I’m totally having pizza for lunch!

  3. Dr Dan says:

    This looks goooooooooooooood. Definitely on my things to try list.

  4. thehungrymum says:

    I can smell this divine aroma all the way from Australia!

  5. soffiagudrun says:

    It´s time you start experimenting with making your own dough!!!! :)
    I love this recipe and the picture is mouthwatering!! I want this pizza now.

    • thanks! that is a real compliment coming from your pizza and photography skills ~

      i know i’ve got to start practicing to make dough, i have a lot going on right now but when things calm down i will definitely go for it

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