laforet pinot noir from joseph drouhin

laforet 2010 burgundy pinot noir wine

Although I’ve been drinking wine for ~ let’s just say quite a while ~ I don’t know much about the wine lover’s world.  Whenever I have gone to a winery {and even briefly worked at a vineyard} the official practice of wine tasting has always seemed a bit odd to me.

That said, I know what I like and pinot noir is one of those varietals that is “easy drinking” and yet one of the most highly respected grapes out there.  Originating in Burgundy, France, the pinot grape does very well in Oregon here in the states as well as other moderate-climate regions.

Recently I shared a bottle of Joseph Drouhin’s Laforet pinot noir and was very impressed.  I’ll let the pros explain it, from The Wine Buyer:

“With such a long history, it is clear that no other grape fits the climate and soil of Burgundy better than Pinot. By strictly adhering to these qualitative and historical parameters, Joseph Drouhin wants its LAFORET BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR to be the archetype of Burgundy. Grapes are selected from different vineyards, generally from the Côte de Beaune. They are handpicked and then brought to the Drouhin cellars “en Chavet”, on the outskirts of Beaune. The destemmed grapes ferment in open wooden vats or stainless steel fermenters. The total fermentation and maceration last for about 16 days. Part of the wine is aged in barrels, part in stainless steel tanks so that the wine can acquire more complexity and keep its fruitiness.”

Well said, eh?  I like my red wines “jammy”, meaning I enjoy reds with black currant and berry notes with moderately low tannin levels.  Mr Drouhin delivers in this regard, and at well under $20 to boot.

joseph drouhin laforet pinot noir

It’s also worth noting that they went with a screw top here ~ last I checked, the wine world was still debating whether or not this was “acceptable” for a respectable wine.  I say why not… opening it makes a less exciting noise than a cork but I won’t hold it against them.  Once it’s in the glass and I’m sipping such deliciousness, who would know the difference.


2 comments on “laforet pinot noir from joseph drouhin

  1. I too love jammy and black currant – thanks for the suggestion

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