trying to get the blues

photo: houseofturquoise.comAll my life, if someone asked me what my favorite color is, never would I say “blue”.  As a child my room was done up in pale yellow {not my choice but it was okay} and as I became an adolescent I loved red.  Nowadays I have no favorite color but other than a few select shades I’ve never been a big blue fan.

Recently I was talking to a painter and she said she’s perpetually on a quest for the perfect robin’s egg blue.  Since I do like certain glacier blues and other pale aquas, I was intrigued.  She said mixing paints was one of her favorite pastimes and robin’s egg was particularly elusive.  It contains brown, the secret ingredient to make the aqua more warm and muted.

As a photographer this really got me interested, and as a lover of home decor it got me thinking about wall colors.  I’d never had a blue wall before, what about a really dusty aqua shade of robin’s egg?

photo:  colourlovers.comLeave it to Benjamin Moore to have a few decent options:  “antiguan sky”, above, looks kind of nice.  Pale, soft and would look great with cream colored furniture.

Another color that has caught my eye by Benjamin is “stratton blue”, which is the color in the first photo, and below appearing on design*sponge and was said to be the favorite wall color in the house ~ I love it with the barn red:


I’m sure other companies are making some great shades of this complex color.  And now that I’ve started collecting photos like these on pinterest, I might just have to make an entire board dedicated to wall colors and see what turns up.

4 comments on “trying to get the blues

  1. love the shot down the hall

  2. soffiagudrun says:

    I am such a sucker for this color. I often end up toning my skies in my photos in some kind of turkish tones :P

    The tone in the egg is very beautiful.

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