diy pellegrino wine coolers

photo:  sanpellegrinobeverages.comWith no real interesting cooking or baking to report, I thought I’d share more of what I’ve been drinking lately.  Years ago I discovered San Pellegrino’s citrus sodas and I must say for me they’re a welcome guest to any fizzy cocktail.

I love them on their own and it’s great because they are made with fruit from southern Italy and natural cane sugar ~ yum!  Add to that your favorite white or red and you’ve got a delicious and refreshing wine cooler that would make those Bartles & Jaymes guys ask for a sip.


Or you can go all out and do a mimosa ~ twice the fizz and a ton of flavor.

This week’s been a hectic schedule but I hope to do some photos maybe next week of my own cocktail creations.  I’m thinking up a lot of cool summer drinks with these and other natural sodas that will include Grand Marnier, Amaretto and of course some of my vanilla brandy … stay tuned!

8 comments on “diy pellegrino wine coolers

  1. whitney says:

    Great idea! Perfect refreshments for summer! I’ll have to look for those…

  2. Those would be a change from lemon sodas and wine. Sounds good:)

  3. soffiagudrun says:

    Mmmmm. I´ve also done this when I have a red wine that´s not very good. At this cafe in Copenhagen they always had a bad red wine, but in a very big glass, filled up and it was cheep (they didn´t know much about wine there I guess) So we used to buy this kind of soda and make our own Tinto de Verano (kind of Sangria). Very good and a what a bargain! :D

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