the ginger people

photo:  gingerpeople.comI love ginger, whether it be in a stir fry, gingerbread, ginger ale or just on its own in candied form. It harmonizes with so many foods and drinks and is just as nutritious as it is delicious.

I usually buy a large hunk of fresh ginger then will cut it into thumb size chunks, wrap the chunks in paper towel and freeze them in a ziploc bag.  Whenever I need a bit for a recipe it’s as good as fresh and actually easier to peel and slice or grate when frozen.

But for ginger prepared in fancy ways ~ ways that I hope to try making myself very soon ~ I turn to  The Ginger People!

photo:  gingerpeople.comTheir crystallized ginger is wonderful, not too hot and not too sweet.  They work great for an upset stomach or nausea, but I snack on a few pieces anytime because they are refreshing.  Asian medicinal beliefs call ginger a balancing food, with dried ginger a bit more heating and fresh ginger more cooling.  Maybe crystallized ginger is somewhere in neutral territory in that regard because it seems to sooth all types of my tummy issues.

For a great summer cocktail, ginger beer can be used with anything from rum to brandy ~ Grand Marnier and ginger beer is fabulous ~ and The Ginger People have you covered here as well.

photo:  gingerpeople.comFor baking they offer crystallized ginger chips, pictured in the top photo, and provide a recipe for triple gingerbread that I’m eager to try.  They also offer ginger soother with honey and lemon, a great little bottled beverage that can be picked up on the go at many health food and gourmet stores.

photo:  gingerpeople.comThere’s so much to choose from ~ everything from sushi pickled ginger to skin care ~ The Ginger People offer quality products with health as the theme.


8 comments on “the ginger people

  1. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t tried making crystalized ginger yet either – I think it would be a fun project though! I too keep ginger in the freezer – and it’s amazing how many times my hubby goes in there and asks what the heck it is! :)

  2. I have not tried Ginger Beer. I must look for it!

  3. I love ginger! gingerbeer is excellent in Pimms, and I love it with dark rum :)

    • i love it with dark rum too ~ dark & stormy with gosling’s rum is delicious!

      odd as it sounds i was just thinking i need to go over to your blog ~ i was “window shopping” at old airstreams this morning and i thought of your lovely lifestyle ~ i was a vehicle-living gypsy for many years and loved it ~ i miss it!

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