po’boy muffuletta melt ~ part two

shrimp po'boy muffuletta

Hi folks!  It’s the day after experimenting with a rather large sandwich in my previous post.  When I woke up and checked on the status of its squashing factor, I realized that adjustments needed to be made ~ and will be made to the directions in yesterday’s entry.

Basically I found that the sandwich compresses better without the foil, with only the plastic wrap ~ or at least in the second stage of squashing, the foil is best removed to maximize squash.  Clear as mud, right?

muffuletta po'boy

But a picture is worth a thousand words here ~ notice how much thinner the sandwich is as opposed to when it began:

muffuletta sandwich

When I woke in the morning it just hadn’t gone down enough.  So off the foil came, I re-wrapped it into plastic, flipped it over, put the weight back on and a few hours later ~ amazing transformation!  And it tastes pretty amazing, too.   Next time I’m going to measure the before and after size of this incredible technique.

Between the vinegar from the marinades, the fried fish of your choice and the layers of cheese, this sandwich is a delicious treat for a pot luck or family picnic.  It will serve at least 8 or more ~ the slice in the top photo is 1/8 of the boule and would satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.


6 comments on “po’boy muffuletta melt ~ part two

  1. Oh MY! It looks soooooooo delicious! I had to pin it. Smart idea about taking the foil off. I will have to remember that!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Now that’s a sandwich! My hubby saw this picture and is demanding I make one this weekend…can’t wait! :)

  3. sani panini says:

    Looks so scrumptious!

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