essential oils: lemon

photo:  growingagreenfamily.comLemons seem to be a fruit that’s been taken for granted.  I speak for myself when I say that lemons are often a highly under-rated fruit.

In cooking the lemon works quietly behind the scenes ~ it enhances most savory dishes, in many instances without taking center stage or even getting mentioned.  Yet without its inclusion we’d feel that something was missing.


Lemon essential oil ~ which is the oil from the peel ~ is also extremely valuable but sometimes overlooked in favor of other oils.  In perfumery, its cousin bergamot is considered a more sophisticated top-note than lemon.  In cleaning and disinfecting the trendy lavender and/or powerful tea tree oils are what might be preferred these days.


Lemon essential oil is a great addition to any cleaning regime, leaving everything smelling fresh and bright.  And to me it lends its subtle beauty to many if not all perfume blends.  It’s like the scent of happiness!


5 comments on “essential oils: lemon

  1. thestylescroll says:

    Lemon is the most amazing fruit! In the south of Italy they use it in so much of their cooking. They don’t let any of it go to waste they often eat the white part with just a sprinkling of sugar and are famous for grilling mozzarella on the lemon leaves. So delicious! Loved this post!

    • thank you and thanks for visiting ~ it is an amazing little ball of sunshine ~ so true the italians really appreciate the lemon. and they’ve got some of the best lemons in the world there

  2. I love lemons, happy fruit! Wish I lived somewhere that I could have a lemon tree, pick one whenever I needed it x

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