red romaine lettuce

red romaine lettuce photographLooking closely at vegetables is becoming just as interesting to me as flowers and little acorns.  I guess that’s one of the gifts of photography, zooming in and studying the details that are always there but oftentimes overlooked.

After making a few photos of lettuce, I decided to play around in photoshop with “saturation” of colors.  I always wanted to be a painter, and have an appreciation for abstract art, so this felt like a way to create something similar with photography.

I like the above photo, where I saturated it with color.  Below I went the other way and did a sort of watercolor-wash.  This seems more painterly and soft, which I really like a lot.

red romaine lettuceI cropped them both to go for a more abstract, color&shape kind of thing.  So far I’m having fun with experimenting, and I know I’ll never get bored of the subject ~ nature’s infinitely beautiful shapes and colors!

8 comments on “red romaine lettuce

  1. ummm – its lettuce (just kidding) actually it is quite attractive and I love it when we zoom in on the little things and make them important – cause they are

  2. Alicia says:

    So pretty! I love when people arrange the bright colors of lettuce in the garden in lovely diagonal greens and reds and purples. I’m boring… but I still love growing my veggies!

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