clover and color

clover photoAs the autumn chill continues, so do the beautiful colors in surprising places.  A little cluster of clover caught my eye, and I decided to play around once again with saturation in a few different variations.  The above picture is untouched, which to me has a beautiful and unexpected shade of pink.

clovers autumnI don’t usually go for big saturation but it turned out kind of fun.  I do love pink and green.

clovers watercolor fallUltimately I’m really drawn to painterly, watercolor type photography.  It can soften the “document” feel of pictures for me, and I like that my eye travels around the image and finds the subtle shades.


4 comments on “clover and color

  1. love the bright pink in the second one – your experimentation is interesting

  2. I am so jealous of your autumn chill and the beauty it brings. We are still experiencing higher than normal, mid-80’s! So tired of heat. :-(

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