thankful on thanksgiving

lobster tail

Thanksgiving Day for me is the perfect transition to the holiday season ~ being thankful today builds a foundation for the coming days and weeks.  Trimming the tree, lighting the lights, I guess it all starts today.

I’m so grateful for abundance when it does arrive.  I’ve had not-so-abundant times in the past and know what it’s like to go without.  This year we have been fortunate and decided that lobster tails were going to be a special purchase.  After recently becoming non-turkey-eaters, this seemed like a holiday entree extraordinaire.

Talk about festive ~ broiled lobster tails!  I made a cornbread topping ~ you could use homemade that’s been dried or go with good old Pepperidge Farm Cornbread stuffing mix, which is what I did today.

It made a perfect topping for the lobster ~ with a crimini mushroom gravy and some mashed yukon golds, it was a truly great meal and a great day with loved ones.

6 comments on “thankful on thanksgiving

  1. samk7 says:

    Lobster tails on thankgiving. That’s new to me! But delicious and different, hope you enjoyed!

  2. I am down with the the lobster tails for Thanksgiving!!! I am a pesco-lacto -ovo vegetarian… so this would be perfect… I could actually eat the Thanksgiving main course. I have been making a turkey every year… but next year this just may what I do!! Thank you for the idea:)

  3. lobster for Thanksgiving – you are my kind of girl

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