pickled beets


It’s the time of year for canning one of my favorite pickled foods ~ beets!  Last year was my first attempt and, although the recipe and instructions at pickyourown.org are fantastic, this year I roasted the beets rather than boil them.

I just tossed the unpeeled, halved or quartered beets in olive oil/balsamic vinegar {2-to-1 ratio} with a pinch of brown sugar and s&p, placed them in aluminum foil packets and let them steam in the sealed packs for 45 minutes at 400F.  Then I gave them a stir and left the packets partially open so they’d caramelize ~ another hour was needed but your time may vary.  They’re done when a fork easily goes all the way through, like butter.

After peeling, and fixing up the pickling solution, it was canning time.  Into quart jars this year rather than pints ~ I find that once a jar is opened it rarely lasts long anyway.

canned pickled beets


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