happy holidays from honey


Honey is a bit camera shy so, unlike Chester, she decidedly looks away when I try to make her portrait.  Or perhaps in the above photo she, too, is guarding her “chewee”.

There was another squeekee toy under the Christmas tree, and Honey looks to them for comfort more than wrestling.  But on a day where lots of treats abound, the main priority was making sure her portion was licked clean.


Best wishes for 2013!


6 comments on “happy holidays from honey

  1. soffiagudrun says:

    happy new year. and happy blogging 2013.

  2. What a precous baby!! So sweet!

  3. yinyin says:

    my cat doesn’t like the camera so well , I guess ! But thanks god she loves bell, so eveything goes on like this : ring ring…click…ring ring ..click.. :) you may try this out , hope to see more pretty photos of your sweet Honey ^ – ^

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