shady shed

flowers by shedDelicate new flowers enjoy the protective shade of an old shed.


glass cream bottles

glass cream bottles

As winter approaches I start feeling the urge to nest and generally get cozy.  That means baking sweets and sipping warm creamy drinks.  This time of year I love picking up a few chubby pint bottles of cream ~ there’s something so homey about them.

buffalo plates by williams-sonoma

photo:  williams-sonoma.comIt might be obvious by now that my usual dishes of choice ~ for eating on as well as photographing ~ are by Fiestaware.  I love all the colors and how the grooves catch the light in a photo.

That said, it seemed like a nice ivory colored plate would lend itself well to food photography.  Rather than going for more Fiestaware I decided to check out the Buffalo plates by Williams-Sonoma.

Here’s a quote on the history of this classic dinnerware, from their website:

These plates are an authentic bit of Americana. They were originally made by the Buffalo China Co., which was founded in New York in 1901 to produce the plates offered as premiums by a soap manufacturer. That sturdy dinnerware went on to become popular at roadside diners along the new U.S. highways and today it’s a classic. Replicating a style from the 1940s, our dinnerware is creamy white – the natural color of the clay – with a durable, clear glaze.

photo:  williams-sonoma.comSuch a nostalgic feeling, the great American diner ~ and the lovely creamy tone for me is preferable to bright white, while still making the food “pop” in a photo.

So far I’ve purchased the set of 4 salad plates and will post some food shots soon.  I’m thinking about getting the 5-piece setting with the cup and saucer ~ the cups are so cute and chubby and the saucers will come in handy for all sorts of little things.

photo:  williams-sonoma.comAdorable!  Obviously the photographers over at Williams-Sonoma did a fantastic job with what you see here ~ hopefully I will do these plates justice and their creamy colored cuteness will shine through my photos as well.